Additional Atlas Efforts


In an effort to make the RIBA2.0 the most comprehensive bird atlas to date, we are doing everything we can to sample those avian taxa typically under-sampled in a traditional atlas. During the breeding season, we are extending our efforts to sample nocturnal species throughout the state.  

2018 Efforts

Dates: 1 April - 20 April

Routes: 24

Miles Covered: 240

Results:      Great-horned Owl  14

                    Barred Owl  25

                    Eastern Screech-Owl  5




Dates: 20 April - 10 May

Points: 156

Results:   70 detections statewide


Dates: 29 May - 31 May

Routes: 21

Miles Covered: 210

Results:  Eastern Whip-poor-will 46

                Common Nighthawk  2

2019 Efforts

Dates Coming Soon!