Conservation through volunteer effort


The Rhode Island Bird Atlas is actually comprised of three distinct efforts. Each is designed to collect data on how birds use the habitats of our small state to fuel their lives.


Our Breeding Atlas seeks to map the distribution and abundance of all breeding birds in the state. Volunteers "bird slowly" within 10 square mile atlas blocks looking for signs of breeding behavior throughout the late spring and summer.


The RIBA2.0 is the first truly year-round atlas in the country. This atlas is aimed at understanding how birds use habitats in RI during the winter months. Atlas Blockbusters held throughout the winters are a great way to get involved with the project.



Understanding the importance of habitats to migrants as they move across a landscape is incredibly important in this age of conservation. The RIBA2.0 collects data from multiple habitat types throughout the state during the fall months.


The Rhode Island Bird Atlas 2.0 is funded by The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management, Division of Fish and Wildlife. The organization and implementation of the atlas is a joint partnership between the RI DEM, the US Fish and Wildlife Service and The University of Rhode Island. 

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